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Rights-Managed Images

Rights Managed Images

Prisma Bildagentur AG,
the online picture agency
for rights managed images
in Switzerland.

Creative Images are photos that are especially suited for usage in graphics and advertising. They are distinguished by their fantasy, originality and the creative compositions.

Editorial Images are photos that document important topics in society, politics, sports and current events or that portray celebrities, public figures and historical personalities.

The usage of rights managed images is subjected to a licensing fee that depends on the intended usage of the photo. The images are licensed for a certain limited usage and the fee is calculated depending, for example on the print run, size and territory of circulation of the image. By paying the usage fee the client acquires the right to use the copyrighted image in the previously defined manner. The prices for the single usage of images can be calculated and licensed online. Contact us for a quote if you wish to license combined usages and advertising campaign packages or exclusive rights. The usages for every rights-managed image are recorded to allow us to grant exclusive usage rights for specific industries or territories if desired.

As a rule creative images with people in them have model releases and can be used in advertising. Editorial images portraying personalities and celebrities in politics, business, sports and show business are not model released, but the images can be published editorially in newspapers and magazines to illustrate articles.