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Royalty-Free Images

Royalty Free Images

Prisma Bildagentur AG,
the online photo agency
for royalty-free images.

We offer single images in several high resolutions at fixed prices. Once bought the usage of these images is virtually unlimited.

Image v-CDS hold a higher number of images in the highest available resolution. These image collections are especially convenient compared to the price of a single image.

The price of royalty- free images does not depend on how the image is used. Comparably to a software license or music CD, the usage rights of royalty-free images can be bought at a fixed price depending on the resolution and medium and the images can then be used by the buyer virtually without limits. The term royalty-free unfortunately can be misleading and does not signify that the images are free of charge, but that there will be no license fees for subsequent usages.

Usually royalty-free images are offered in a 72 dpi „web only“ resolution and in several 300 dpi top print resolutions ranging from DIN A5 to more than DIN A3 in top quality. The buyer of usage rights can use the image both for his own projects and for his clients (in the case of an advertising agency or graphics artist). The license does not allow to place royalty-free images in high resolution on the web, give any copies of high resolution images to anyone (including the mentioned clients) and to sell the images. Also it is not possible to grant exclusive rights in any form for royalty-free images.

The pricing information for any royalty-free image and the resolutions available can be displayed by clicking on the image. You will also be able to see if the image is on a CD/DVD or available as single image only. Royalty-free images are usually model-released and can be used in advertising.

More and more the physical photo CD that have to by shipped are being replaced by the virtual CD. The so called

v-CDs are available to the buyer online immediately in his personalized account. See more information under Service.