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Prisma Bildagentur AG,
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and competent support.

An individual image service ranks highly. Our professional images are available online 24/7 while during business hours you can also contact us directly by phone or mail. It is our pleasure to do image searches for you or to give you quotes for the image usages you might plan.

When searching for images or vide clips today one has in theory access to millions of photos or clips on hundreds internet portals. In reality an image search under these conditions is often neither fruitful nor efficient. You can save time and money if you entrust us with quickly and easily proposing images to you that match your conception as closely as possible.

Prisma offers two primary ways for you to find the image you are looking for:

  • Contact us directly by phone, fax or mail! Describe or sketch as in detail the image you have in mind and how you intend to use it. Our team in Switzerland can gear towards your individual requirements and translate your ideas into optimal picture language.
  • Do the image search by yourself on our website, put the images you want into the shopping cart and after checkout download them in high resolution.

We recommend that you register free of charge. Several useful functions on our website are available to you right after you log in. For example you can manage multiple light boxes for your projects and add images to them at your discretion. You can mail the lightboxes to colleagues and clients. For evaluation and layouts the images will be available to you in a higher quality at no cost.

Prisma offers both rights-managed and royalty-free images and videos to fit different budgets. You will have acces to a wide variety of photos with the following subjects: business, lifestyle, people, travel, geography, nature, food, industry, medicine, sports, animals, plants and conceptual photography or historical photos. Modern, contemporary photography is represented, but you will also find retro stock with historical images.

Our image are available as files in several different sizes, from the web resolution in 72 dpi to the 300 dpi print resolution in DIN A5, A4 or A3. All images have been carefully edited and quality proofed.

You can see the one time usage fees for royalty- free images by clicking on the thumbnail image. The available resolution sizes and prices are listed for each individual image. You will also find out if the image is published on a v-CD image collection or available as single image only.

The usage fee information for rights-managed images can also be obtained by clicking on the thumbnail. Below the enlarged image the link „calculate price“ will lead you to the online price calculator. By choosing the appropriate usage details from the pull down menus you will get a quote for the intended usage. Please call us at +41 (0)44 266 50 50 or mail to info@prismaonline.ch if you would like a quote for combined usages, advertising campaigns with several images or exclusive usage rights.

You can buy images in our online shop. Just put the images that you would like to purchase, either directly from the image search results or from the light boxes into the shopping cart and follow the instructions. Clients that have an online business account will receive an invoice after the images are downloaded. If you do not have an online business account you can apply for it or use your credit card to complete the purchase. You will receive an e-mail with an electronic invoice for each time you buy from us.

All images you purchased, whether single images or physical photo CD-Roms or virtual CDs, will be activated in the ‘my images’ section of your account and will be immediately and permanently at your disposal. To be able to download the images you have to be logged in.

Please note that by using the images there may be rights involved other than the copyright of the image itself, for example in images with people (model-release), works of art, or protected trademarks and buildings (property-release). Call us at +41 (0)44 266 50 50 if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help.